My Footprints Lead The Way

"What social media are you on and what does it tell about you?" I thought I would share my thoughts on my digital footprint and what my social media accounts currently say about me as a pre-service teacher. I have accounts on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter (specifically used as a pre-service teaching account), and Facebook. Unless … Continue reading My Footprints Lead The Way

Your Mindset Is A Powerful Tool

I have witnessed multiple conversations regarding fixed and growth mindsets. It seems like the consensus agrees that you either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. My questions are... Doesn't everyone have a little bit of both? Why is a fixed mindset viewed as a negative quality? Before I delve deeper into my question … Continue reading Your Mindset Is A Powerful Tool

Address & Assess | Implementing Websites into Lesson Plans

This past week I was able to try out a variety of websites that assist teachers in delivering lessons through creative and dynamic (and sometimes challenging) ways! I thought it would be a great idea to share my thoughts and opinions on the websites I tried out. I will give an overall rating on each … Continue reading Address & Assess | Implementing Websites into Lesson Plans


Top 12 Must-Read Canadian Teacher Blogs I searched through, and analyzed, all 12 blogs and this is what I concluded: 1. My favorite blog is "Ms. Cassidy's Classroom Blog" for numerous reasons. It is very evident that she is a teacher that strives in going the extra mile. She mindfully created a wonderful blog that … Continue reading My thoughts on “TOP 12 MUST-READ CANADIAN TEACHER BLOGS”

Technology and the Education World.

Digital Citizenship Digital Citizenship Digital Citizenship is an important aspect of school. It provides students the opportunity to become more responsible technology users. Technology allows worldwide communication, sharing videos and photographs, and consuming and creating information to share. In order to reduce the risk of the harmful effects of technology, Digital Citizenship urges students to … Continue reading Technology and the Education World.