This is Just the Beginning!


Although this semester is coming to an end, this is truly just the beginning!

From the very first day through to the last day, I have learned a tremendous amount in EDTS 325. I have created and implemented a lesson plan using SMART Notebook to my fellow peers. I have created and maintained a teaching blog, a Twitter account, and a Pinterest account. These accounts allow me to share ideas and gain insight into the teaching world! I have familiarized myself with Google since it is an evolving component in the classroom. I have created movies using iMovie. I have learned how to do voice-overs in “how-to” videos. I have learned that there are numerous websites out there that are alternative ways to deliver lessons instead of using a basic powerpoint or writing notes, such as Socrative, Spiral, Padlet, & Kahoot. I have linked the websites to each title so feel free to click them and find out more! I have gained knowledge on the power and influence of coding. I have learned how effective and efficient QR codes and iPads are in the classroom. Finally, I have learned the importance of digital citizenship and the responsibility of teachers, parents, and students in gaining knowledge about it.

At the beginning of the EDTS 325 course, we reviewed “I Can” statements that we hoped to accomplish by the end of the course. I thought it would be beneficial to focus on a few of the “I Can” statements in-depth and elaborate on how I accomplished them during this course.

I can use SMART Notebook software to create and build high quality, interactive lesson plans and learning modules.

This was one of the most challenging aspects to accomplish for me purely because it was one of the first assignments I had to complete and I was new to the SMART Notebook software. I had never used it previous to this course so it was time-consuming for me to learn how to use it and have to create a lesson plan all at once! However, I am beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to learn this software. Once I used it more often and became familiar with it, I feel confident in creating and implementing lesson plans to my future classroom using SMART Notebook on a regular basis.

I can produce print, digital, audio and/or video material delivering learning and enhancing learning.

During this course I had the opportunity to create two videos using iMovie. Once again, I had never used iMovie previous to this course so it was another learning experience for me! I’ll be honest… When I first saw the video assignments, I was dreading it! I was not confident in my ability to shoot, create, edit, and finalize not just one, but TWO, videos. However, it turned into my absolute favorite assignment from the EDTS 325 course! It was time-consuming and challenging yet fun and rewarding. Like they say, hardwork pays off! I worked really hard to familiarize myself with iMovie so that I could feel confident in using it in my future classroom. I am definitely going to use video projects in my classroom! Through this experience, I think allowing students to be creative leaders is one of the best ways to engage them in their learning!

I can establish, grow and maintain a digital Personal Learning Network (PLN) using a variety of social media sites.

During this course I created accounts on various social media sites, such as Twitter and Pinterest, and even created a teaching blog. At first, I was very skeptical in creating numerous different accounts on the internet because I am a very private person. However, I learned a new appreciation for social media (my aha moment). Twitter is a phenomenal tool to communicate and interact with teachers worldwide. I participated in a Twitter Chat and got to answer a variety of questions regarding technology in the classroom and I got to read hundred of other answers from teachers across the globe. By reading their comments, I had the opportunity to see different viewpoints on a given topic. Blogs are another great tool to use! Now that I have created a blog, I can share my thoughts, my opinions, funny classroom stories, and teaching strategies and post them on the internet for other teachers to enjoy! I also read other teaching blogs (which I never used to do) to see what is going on elsewhere in the world! Who knew these social media sites could be so beneficial to teachers!? Not me! (but now I do!)

As I think “What was my steepest learning curve during this course? ” I am struggling to pinpoint one or two concepts. To me, this whole course was a steep learning curve but in a really, really, good way! Before entering this course, I had not used a single technology tool that we experienced except for Google. I was somewhat familiar with all the aspects of Google but I am very much still a developing learner. This course challenged me to leave my comfort zone and experience all that technology has to offer. Due to my unfamiliarity with each tool we used in this course, I was challenged to learn it, understand it, and implement it. Each week I was challenged with the material, however, what I learned outweighs all the challenges. EDTS 325 has been such a successful learning course that is relevant to my future career and  better prepares me as a teacher.

The future of technology depends on global citizenship. As a pre-service teacher not only knowing, but understanding, global citizenship is crucial. Educators, parents, and students need to teach, and learn from, each other what global citizenship is and what it looks like in society. From there, we all can be reliable and respectable citizens online. Technology within the classroom is successful because of global citizenship. We become aware of how to use technology safely, reliably, and comfortably. We need to continue pursuing, and educating on, global citizenship within our classrooms!

Overall, this course has been the most beneficial and relevant educational course. I won’t lie, it is very time-consuming but look at all that I’ve gained from it! Like I previously said, everything I have learned outweighs all the challenges I faced. If there was an “EDTS 325 Part 2” course, you can expect to see my face in attendance!



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