My Footprints Lead The Way

“What social media are you on and what does it tell about you?”

I thought I would share my thoughts on my digital footprint and what my social media accounts currently say about me as a pre-service teacher.

I have accounts on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter (specifically used as a pre-service teaching account), and Facebook. Unless I personally know you, I am a private person. Anyone call follow me on Pinterest but they can only view my Education-related boards as all my other boards can only be viewed by myself. I also do not have any personal information posted for the public to see on my Pinterest. My Instagram and Facebook accounts are both private to the public. My Twitter is the only account that is accessible to the public and that is because I use it for Education purposes only.

I do not make my accounts private because I have something to hide. In fact, I have nothing to hide but I keep my accounts private for security reasons. I do not like the idea of anyone anywhere seeing my information and photos I post on social media. It is comforting know that only people I personally know are looking at my social media accounts. However, I am aware that the internet is, well, the internet. That means once you post something, it is out there floating in the internet world. That alone is a creepy thought but it is one aspect of using the internet.

Although I would have no problem showing a future employer my social media accounts, I believe there is always room for improvement. By providing information such a volunteer opportunities and community events you participate in shows future employers that you are a community-minded individual. Displaying photos of any travels I have taken shows I am always up for an adventure (and let’s be honest, elementary students are an adventurous bunch!). There are numerous ways a pre-service teacher could use his or her social media accounts to encourage an “educator impact.” Social media is an integral part in Education. Teacher use their accounts to connect with teachers worldwide and share ideas, lesson plans, and entertaining stories they encounter in their careers! It is a great way to stay connected!

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