PowToon | The “Not-So-Fun” Fun Website!

I used PowToon to create a short video that states my 3 tips I learned while in EDTS 325 (an edtech course for those that are confused at this point)!

I titled this blog post the “not-so-fun” fun website because boy, did I have an eventful time (to say the least) creating my PowToon!

I thought it was relatively easy to use so I was super excited to create my PowToon. However, half-way through I ran into some difficulties! The website started slowing down and every action was delayed. Then it stopped working completely. I spent two hours (or more) trying to get the website functioning again. At first I thought it may be my internet connection but turns out I had full connection bars. Then I thought it may be the browser I was using but nope, not that either. Eventually I gave up and walked away from the computer. Once I returned it finally started cooperating! However, it was still easy to use. I never watch a how-to video and figured everything out super quick and easy. PowToon will definitely test one’s patience! 😉

I would use PowToon in Language Arts class! After reading a novel, students could re-create the story, or their own story, using PowToon! It would be a lot more engaging and interactive than having them write a summary on the novel or write their own short story.

Check out my PowToon here: https://youtu.be/xjYo65foO5U

One thought on “PowToon | The “Not-So-Fun” Fun Website!

  1. Hey Miss V, my name is Talia from the PowToon marketing team. First ,I wanted to say I loved your PowToon and I thought you did a great job with it! (I would personally add music to give it a cool rhythm).

    I’m sorry to read you had a not-so-fun experience using PowToon and although I know the site can sometimes be a little slow, what you’re describing is absolutely not normal and I’d like to get to the bottom of this and see how we can make your experience faster and better.

    GOOD NEWS: We’re in the process of moving to HTML5 which means the entire experience will be much faster, smoother and user friendly. We’ll be rolling this out in the next few weeks.

    If you would be so kind and email me (talia@powtoon.com) or the support team (support@powtoon.com) next time you create a Powtoon and run into difficulties. That way, we’ll be able to assist you live, and help you complete your project!

    I read your idea about getting your students to create their own Powtoons and loved it. I’d love to offer you a free Classroom Elite account (valued at $192 per year, with access to 90 students) so you and your students can enjoy all of the PowToon premium features. Please reach out to me so I can set this up for you.

    Hope to make yours and our community’s experience much more fun with your help and feedback.

    Stay awesome,


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