Classroom Scavenger Hunt using Goosechase

Goosechase is an interactive scavenger hunt app that engages students and encourages learning all while having fun in the process!

I cannot wait to use Goosechase during staff meetings! We all know a staff meeting is not the most exhilarating activity, however, I think incorporating Goosechase into the staff meeting would bring lots of excitement, competition, and laughs!

I really enjoyed using this app for a variety of reasons… however to spare you another novel to read, I will just discuss my top 5 reasons why I enjoyed Goosechase!

  1. Easy to understand and use – it is not a complicated app nor does it require someone with a high IQ to figure it out! Students at all different learning levels will have no problem adapting this app into their learning.
  2. Organized – I liked how organized this app was. After you submit a scavenger hunt item, photo, or whatever it may be, it moves that item over to a new category that stores all your completed assignments there! So it separates what is done from what still needs to be accomplished. I liked visually seeing what I have accomplished and submitted and what I still need to do!
  3. Easy access to joining a game – all I had to do was search the name of the game I was trying to participate in and voilá! Just like that I was added to the scavenger hunt and was ready to conquer!
  4. Variety of submissions – you can submit a photo, video, and/or text which I thought was great. It engages diverse learners and acknowledges all the multiple intelligences that may exist within a classroom. Some are visual learners (photos), some are hands-on learners (videos), and some work better by writing things (text).
  5. Collaboration & Cooperation – I love that it encourages student collaboration and teamwork but splitting the students up into teams, which ultimately requires cooperation among them! Peer support and encouragement are important aspects of a classroom!

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