PowToon | The “Not-So-Fun” Fun Website!

I used PowToon to create a short video that states my 3 tips I learned while in EDTS 325 (an edtech course for those that are confused at this point)! I titled this blog post the "not-so-fun" fun website because boy, did I have an eventful time (to say the least) creating my PowToon! I … Continue reading PowToon | The “Not-So-Fun” Fun Website!

Your Mindset Is A Powerful Tool

I have witnessed multiple conversations regarding fixed and growth mindsets. It seems like the consensus agrees that you either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. My questions are... Doesn't everyone have a little bit of both? Why is a fixed mindset viewed as a negative quality? Before I delve deeper into my question … Continue reading Your Mindset Is A Powerful Tool

Classroom Scavenger Hunt using Goosechase

Goosechase is an interactive scavenger hunt app that engages students and encourages learning all while having fun in the process! I cannot wait to use Goosechase during staff meetings! We all know a staff meeting is not the most exhilarating activity, however, I think incorporating Goosechase into the staff meeting would bring lots of excitement, … Continue reading Classroom Scavenger Hunt using Goosechase

Address & Assess | Implementing Websites into Lesson Plans

This past week I was able to try out a variety of websites that assist teachers in delivering lessons through creative and dynamic (and sometimes challenging) ways! I thought it would be a great idea to share my thoughts and opinions on the websites I tried out. I will give an overall rating on each … Continue reading Address & Assess | Implementing Websites into Lesson Plans