Top 12 Must-Read Canadian Teacher Blogs

I searched through, and analyzed, all 12 blogs and this is what I concluded:

1. My favorite blog is “Ms. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog” for numerous reasons. It is very evident that she is a teacher that strives in going the extra mile. She mindfully created a wonderful blog that displays her students’ strengths through their artwork and activities.

Ms. Cassidy’s Class

2. I dislike “Lessons From The Middle” for only one reason: too much writing! It didn’t grasp my attention because I felt like I was looking at an incredibly long manuscript! There is great information in this blog, but I found it was just too lengthy for my liking!

Lessons From The Middle

3. “140+Learning” is a great blog for those that like visuals! He often has pictures and/or videos mentioned in each post. I like incorporating pictures and videos into a blog post because it engages the readers and they are more likely left ‘wanting more’ after reading the post.

140+ Learning

4. I LOVE “THE ROOKIE TEACHER” (maybe because I am a pre-service educator Haha). It is an incredible blog for pre-service, and those that are relatively new, educators! This blog provides podcasts, online training, and a newsletter! (The more I look at this blog, the more it creeps into first place for favorite blog!)

The Rookie Teacher

Finally the last blog I will mention (although they are all worthy of mentioning, I didn’t want to bore you with my endless thoughts!)

5. “Teaching FSL” is definitely a blog for those French teachers! It is important to have a variety of blogs in the “blogasphere” to reach and assist the diverse educators out there! Teaching French as a second language could be challenging for some so having access to this blog helps alleviate some of the challenges teachers may face by providing tools and endless ideas for teachers!

Teaching FSL


4 thoughts on “My thoughts on “TOP 12 MUST-READ CANADIAN TEACHER BLOGS”

  1. Hi Miss V,

    I agree on the “rookie teacher” blog as an excellent blog. I believe perhaps we both love this blog is because we are both rookie teachers. It is a blog I will be looking at in the future! I enjoyed how you wrote your blog in number fashion as it makes it easy to read and attracting to the eye. I suggest to have the links to the specific blogs you talked about in your post rather than the link to the top 12 blogs so as readers we don’t have to look for the blogs but have them right there.

    I look forward to following your blog in the future,

    Miss. Wiest


  2. Hey Alexa,
    I really enjoyed reading this blog post, as you were able to positively reflect on more articles then the required amount. You show great enthusiasm in your blog especially in the “Rookie Teacher” article. However, I would like to suggest that your blog would be easier to read if you hyperlinked the actual blogs to your blog. I know you included the link to the top 12 however it would be more convenient to have the link to the specific blog such as “Rookie Teacher.” Because you only briefly discuss the blogs, I would like to further read into it and I do not have the resources to do so.
    Have a great day!


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