Why is technology important in schools?


1. First of all, why is technology important in the classroom?

Technology First of all, why is technology important in the classroom? allows teachers and students to work and plan more efficiently in the classroom. We have access to a variety of websites, e-mail, social media, YouTube, etc. to assist in learning, educating, and having fun! Technology also allows teachers to work collaboratively by sharing lesson plans and activities over the Internet. Blogging is an example. It not only allows me to express my opinions, beliefs, and thoughts about education but also allows me to upload lesson plans or activities to share with the rest of the education world!

2. Technology assists in lesson planning.

Let’s face it. Writing everything by hand can be time-consuming, repetitive, and inefficient. Technology allows teachers to plan and share lessons more effectively and efficiently. It also provides the opportunity for teachers to save their lesson plans and refer back to them in the future.

3. Technology reaches diverse learning styles.

Technology assists in meeting the needs of the students. It can be applied in each aspect of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.

Linguistic – typing poetry. Visual/spatial – designing websites or PowerPoints. Musical – listening to music on YouTube. Interpersonal – connects students with their peers. Intrapersonal – allows an opportunity for students to work alone. Logical – math and science activities. Kinaesthetic – movement break videos. Naturalistic – using websites that look at the weather and nature of different countries around the world.

4. Technology engages students.

Students are constantly surrounded by technology. They often carry cell phones, iPods, iPads, and gaming devices everywhere they go. Technology is a great hands-on approach to engage students and create an active learning environment. Through videos, websites, and social media, students are engaged in what they are learning and will more likely want to learn.

5. I am eager to use technology in my classroom.

I love technology and I love learning. Since Technology is always changing and advancing throughout the years, I will never stop learning! Using technology in the classroom does not intimidate me. I am eager to educate my students on technology and also have my students educate me!

6. Apps for the different multiple intelligences!



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